Last week my mom came to visit me in Germany and we decided to take a spontaneous trip to Amsterdam. Of course, Dennis joined us along with our friends Saskia and Basti who were already planning a holiday there. We spent about twenty-eight hours there, but sill managed to see many things as well as find our favorite spots. Here is the Amsterdam addition of my favorites of the week!

1. Favorite Restaurant: BurgerfabriekDominiquealtif
Where? Amsterdam, Netherlands

Why? Besides the Burgers being absolutely delicious and cooked to perfection. This place has a super cool atmosphere. You can pour your own beer from the tap at your own table. Naturally, they serve Heineken, seeing as though this beer comes from Amsterdam. The wait staff was extremely friendly and helpful and probably serves the best burger I’ve ever had! If your planning on going to Amsterdam you MUST visit there. (Also they have Burgerfabriek express for when you are hungry and in a hurry.)



Dominiquealtif2. Favorite Place to Day Drink: Fonteyn Cafe

Where? You know where! (It’s the Amsterdam special!)

Why? For me, this place is sentimental because around the same time last year Dennis and I went to this same cafe for a drink, and it happened to be one of the best days ever. But that is not the only reason Fonteyn Cafe is so good! They have indoor and outdoor seating, I personally opted for the outside seating.  This is because on a beautiful day it’s the perfect spot because the cafe is in the heart of the city. Another plus is the beer list is amazing and I tried beers I would have never tried before. Let the waiters recommend what to drink! Our waitress recommended the Zatte van Brouwerij’t IJ and it was delicious. It made my list of favorites because of the great service (which is difficult to find in Europe), relaxed atmosphere, and the great beer.



3. Favorite Night Spot: Red Light District
Where? You guessed it Amsterdam

Why? This is where all of the nightlife is, well for the most part! The red light district is best known for its prostitution, which can be a culture shock to many Americans as well as many other cultures, but it is something I recommend seeing as long as you keep an open mind. But please keep it 18 and up. I saw a family with their toddler around midnight in the Red Light District, and I can’t help but think that it may not have been the best idea. Regardless, It’s for sure an experience that you have to see for yourself.


4. Favorite Hangout Spot: Vondell PaDominiquealtifrk
Where? Amsterdam (near the IAMSTERDAM sign)

Why? If you are looking for some quiet time or just want to visit a bustling and active park this is the place to go!!!! There are people on bikes, playing soccer, having picnics, juggling, you name it, it’s happening there. Vondel Park is a good place to get away from all of the cars and just slow down for a bit. I was fortunate enough that my friend Saskia knew about it and made the recommendation to go or else I would have missed out on one of Amsterdam’s treasures.

5. Overall Favorite: The People I went to visit Amsterdam with! 

Where? Anywhere

Why? You can go anywhere in the world, but the company you keep on your travels can either make your trip absolutely spectacular or fall flat.  I was so fortunate enough that I was able to visit Amsterdam with some amazing people. My mom came with me, which made me super happy that we were able to have a travel adventure together. And of course, my fiancé was there like last year along with our best friends Saskia and Basti.  Basically, we had an awesome group on this trip and I’m so happy I got to share it with them. Dominiquealtif