I don’t have time is something that I hear constantly and I myself am guilty of using.  I don’t have time to do x, y, or z.  There’s no time to get to that errand, chore, project, goal, or whatever it is there is to do.  It’s a common excuse that we are ALL guilty of using.  A couple of years ago at my old job I had a friend that asked me if I had time for something fun that was outside of work and of course I said no I don’t have time because I had 5,000 things to do that day.  To my surprise my friend replied back to me, “It’s not because you don’t have time.  It’s because it’s not a priority.”  I will admit at first that statement annoyed me a bit, but it was probably because it was true.  It wasn’t for a lack of time.  It was because doing that fun thing outside of work was indeed not a priority to me at all.

As I’ve learned and acknoledge recently is time is a resource I will never get back.  I can never make more of time. So how I choose to spend my time is EXTREMELY important to me.  How I spend it is my choice and that includes making myself a priority.  Sometimes this looks like getting invited to an event and turning it down because I am tired and have other items on my list that I much rather be doing.  And in fact I don’t feel bad about saying no because it is my time and no one truly knows how much time they have left in this lifetime.

Prioritizing the things that matter in my life and giving those things time is something I’m working on every day and with practice I will get better. Especially taking time for following my dreams, and for doing something that brings me joy.  I encourage you to take a look at your life and the things you “don’t have time for” and think do I really not have time for it or is it not a priority? And if it’s something that is a priority in your life that you aren’t finding the time to get to I suggest reprioritizing your life.

If you haven’t checked out Laura Vanderkaum Ted Talk yet on How to gain control over your free time.  I suggeast you check it out HERE. And on that note, have a fabulous Friday!