Hey guys! Yesterday, I went to the Supercross races at Daytona International Speedway with my stepdad, and had the best time! Anyway, I’ll tell you more about the races in another post! But here are my 6 Bike Week Fashion Tips.

1.Wear ClothesFullSizeRender 8

Okay guys! I know this one seems obvious but believe me to some it’s not. No judgement if
you are walking around scantily clad. I admire your bravery and confidence, but it still is somewhat cool in March especially with the wind coming off the Atlantic by night time wearing more doesn’t seem so bad. Plus I’d like to follow the 3 Bs rule, Bust, Butt, and Belly. Two out of three covered and your good to go! Again, no judgement if you don’t follow this rule.  This is just one that I like to follow. 

2. Jeans             

Depending on the weather, which in my two years of experience it’s always been chilly,  I recommend dark wash jeans because they still look stylish, match just about any top, they are comfy, and will keep you warm when the wind blows. Again, my MOST favorite jeans are from American Eagle. I also recommend jeans because if you go to a supercross race so you don’t have to change later. This year I notice many women will wear shorts and change because it cool at night. Honestly, I’d rather not have to make an outfit change for a couple of reasons. One, because you have to carry a bag big enough to hold your clothes, and two because you have to actually take the time to go and change.  It may be just me, but I honestly don’t feel like doing that after being out all day.  So in my opinion you mine as well stick with jeans from the start. 


3. T-shirt

My black v-neck is my go to top mostly because black ALWAYS looks good, and because a v-neck shows just enough skin without it being too much. (Side Note: I’m not talking about a super deep v-neck.) Personally, I’d go with a cotton T-shirt because it breaths better then synthetic, and in the off chance you end up sweating you’re going to want a shirt that breaths well. 

4. Jacket

At night on the east coast of Florida in March, or for that matter anywhere in Florida, it gets pretty chilly at night.   My go to jacket is my Mango  black leather jacket that Den got me.  I love my leather jacket for this look because when you think Motorcycles you think leather.  The jacket is just enough to give the biker feel without it overwhelming the entire look.

5.  ShoesFullSizeRender 7

The shoes I picked for this look are my high top white chucks because they give a pop of color to the look while still being good shoes for walking around all day. I love my converse because not only do they match this look they are worth the investment because they go with so many other outfits too!

6. Purse


My cross body Michael Kors purse is my favorite to take to most any event because it’s big enough to hold my phone, portable charger for my phone, lip gloss and my glasses.  It also takes less time for security to check your purse because it’s so small. It’s the perfect size, great quality, and super cute.

These are my 5 Bike week fashion tips! If you want to know about any of my other looks let me know! What do you like to wear to bike week? Be sure to leave your comments below.