My Yoga Journey
Yoga has been part of my life from a very young age.  Growing up my parents would take 7 year old me with them to yoga at the YMCA before school.   Of course, sometimes I would fall asleep during savasana, but what could you expect from a 7-year-old laying down on a yoga mat.  Eventually, we stopped going to yoga as often and then it eventually faded to not at all.

Yoga did re-appear in my life later on.  In college, I found yoga again. I had danced in high school but was unable to continue due to my joints being too warn and achy. So I figured why not try yoga instead? So, I took a couple of yoga classes my freshmen year of college and it was alright, but nothing life-changing.

Junior year of college I transferred universities and decided to live with my grandparents.  It was an interesting point in my life to say the least.  I was moving to a small town with no friends in the area, a new college, and was just getting over a breakup.  My life was a bit upside down, but then my nana suggested one day that we should do hot yoga together at the local yoga studio, the Inverted Elephant.  My joints and back had been hurting so I figured I’d give it a shot. And sure enough, one class turned into two. Two turned into three and then I was addicted.  The more yoga I practiced the less my body was hurting. And the more yoga I practiced the less my heart was hurting.  Yoga was my safe space. My spot to get away from the stress of life and school and really be able to sit with myself and be in my body.

After college, I still practiced yoga, but not nearly as much.  I had fallen in love, traveled around the world, got a grown-up job, and only visited my yoga practice every so often.  Thankfully, my grown-up job offered yoga classes twice a week, and I would try to go as often as possible. I would also practice at home, but my yoga practice wasn’t nearly what it once was.

Coming Back to My Practice
A year later goes by and my world was completely flipped upside down. I called off my engagement to the man I was supposed to marry, who I was madly in love.  And this decision with which for lack of better words, literally ripped my heart into pieces.  It was nothing either one of us could control. Timing, location, and life paths were just not quite aligned.  But there I was again, with my heart in my hands, and what did I turn to? Yoga

I had known it was where I would end up but had avoided it for a month or so because I knew what it would make me do.  It would make me sit with myself and face all of the feelings that I would rather just push down.  I was afraid of what I might find.  I didn’t want to surrender to my practice because I knew surrendering would mean I would have to feel and I wasn’t sure I was ready to do that.

Finally, I gave in and the first yoga class I thought was going to be the most difficult because it was a gentle yoga class with long holds in posses forcing you to be with yourself. I can remember a few tears rolling down my face.  A small crack in my protective armor around my heart. Weeks went by and I hadn’t gone back.  But then I found myself after a long business trip to Vegas aching for a yoga class because my body was so tight and sore from the long plane rides.  So I went, and I enjoyed it.  I moved and it felt good.  My practice actually felt good.

I figured I should do this more often, so I decided to go back for a restorative class the next day.  In case you didn’t know a restorative class generally has relaxing poses that are held for a long time, usually on the ground.  It gives you a lot of time to sit with yourself, and your body and just breath.  Well, that day ended up going to shit, yet I was still signed up for the yoga class.  All I could think was oh no I have to sit with myself today in this class and I already know I’m not going to like what I am going to find.  This is going to be a tough class, but I still went anyway.  Not even 5 minutes into a long heart opening hold, tears streamed down my face and I was finally able to let go of the bad day and some of the hurt I was feeling.  I set my intentions for the rest of the class to work on healing my broken heart and washing away my terrible day.   After that yoga that night I felt a little bit lighter.

The next day I took a Soul Flow class and boy was that an experience.  There is nothing like breathing and I mean really intentionally breathing in a room full of people who are breathing with you.  It’s liberating, it’s beautiful, and it’s spiritual.  With one deep inhale and one giant exhale I could feel myself relax.  I could feel the energy of others in the room all wanting to be there. We all shared something in common and something brought each and every one of us to our mat. We shared our practice. We shared giggles as we laughed at ourselves falling out of balancing postures. Hell, one guy even started singing if you’re happy and you know it.  And guess what? We all clapped along.

Why Yoga Teacher Training?
Every class, every experience, every teacher is different and teaches us new things about ourselves.  Over 5 years of practicing yoga and coming back to my mat time after time, I decided that I would like to become a certified yoga teaching instructor.   I’ve fallen in love with the practice over and over again. And I want to share it and the power it has to heal, bring joy and happiness to others lives.  Yoga teacher training is like any other school and does have costs, which is why I set up a go fund me page to help me pay for it as I would not be able to afford it on my own. If you’d like to contribute visit my gofundme page HERE

Yoga I hold very dear to my heart, and I thank you for your support even if it is not monetary and is simply reading my own story of how I found my practice.  I hope to inspire you all to reach out and grab your mat whether you are happy, sad, or even feeling a bit goofy.  You never know where it may take you.  Namaste