Woke up early this morning and I looked to my right and saw my favorite person in the world, Dennis, sound asleep next to me. Charlie, our dog saw that I was awake, climbed into bed and curled up right in between us by our legs and fell back to sleep.. As I watched them both sleep I couldn’t help but feel so content and grateful for my little family.

This past week I’ve had a bit of a cold and Dennis has been so sweet taking care of me like a champ.  After a long day at work, coming home and not feeling fantastic was not the best way to end the day, but when Dennis came home everything seemed to  get just a little bit better! I’m so grateful that I have such a wonderful partner and best friend.  Don’t get me wrong we have our ups and downs and our relationship is by no means perfect, but I am still thankful that we love each other enough to work through our ups and downs.  And at the end of the day there’s no other person I’d rather spend my time with and sometimes I have to take a step back to be thankful for the people in my life.

There is so much to be grateful for in my life and I’m sure in yours too! Look around you and ask yourself “What are you all grateful for?” or  “Is there anyone in your life that you should appreciate more?” Feel free to share it in the comments section. 🙂