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Nothing get’s you in the holiday spirit more than braving the cold and going into the city into the hustle and bustle of the Christmas Markets.  Germany has a long-standing tradition of drinking Gluh Wine and eating delicious treats while shopping for Christmas gifts, some that you can only get there!

This year I was able to visit a few Christmas Markets in Hamburg and here is my The Ultimate Guide to the Best Christmas Markets in Hamburg, Germany with tips for getting the most out of visiting the markets!

Do Your Research!

Fortunately, A local, Dennis my fiancé, was able to give me a tour of the Christmas Markets in Hamburg, which made the experience even more memorable! But if you don’t have a local to give you a tour then doing your research is my number 1 tip to get the full experience of the German Christmas Markets.  If you don’t know what you are interested and all that the markets have to offer you may miss out.  My recommendation is not only doing research on German Christmas markets in general, but also doing research on the specific region of Germany that you are going to be visiting as the foods and traditions vary from region to region.

Top Christmas Markets in Hamburg


Jungfernstieg Rathaus

Take the Jungfernstieg stop off the train and visit the Christmas Market in the heart of Hamburg in front of the Rathaus, town hall! This Christmas Market was the busiest of the markets we visited! Not only did they have delicious food and wine, but they also had rides for kids as well as a short show of Santa on his sled!

Jungernstieg Innenalster-

Also at the Jungfernstieg stop is a Christmas market by the Inneralster, the lake in the middle of the city!  This Christmas market is across form Neuer Walls and has a beautiful view of the Christmas Tree in the middle of the lake.

Behind the Europa Passage-

Behind the Europe Passage, the mall, next to St. Peters’s church is a beautiful Christmas Market.  If you want to get a bit further away from the crowds then I recommend visiting this one.

Altona –

Take the Altona stop on the train and head toward the Christmas Market next to the mall.  This Christmas Market is quaint and has great shopping next door to it.

Try the Foods



You may not know what exactly they are serving at the little stands at the Christmas Markets, but try the food anyway! Nine out of Ten times the food is delicious! During my visit to the Christmas Markets I had the Rosti Taler with bacon and cheese and it was delicious! The Rosti Taler is like a potato pancake and has a variety of different toppings you can choose from.  If you are in the mood for something savory you can add bacon or cheese.  If you’d like something sweet there are options for you too! It is a must try when visiting the Christmas Markets!




While you are there you should also give the Gluh Wine a try as well.  Gluh Wine is one of the things German Christmas Markets are known for and I can see why; they are tasty and warm you from the inside out. If you can only try one thing while you are at te Christmas Markets then try the Gluh Wine and you won’t forget it… Well you might if the next day if you drink too much!



Local Events


On our way into the city we usually would catch the S Bahn, which is a train that takes you into the heart of Hamburg.  The Bahn we took this time was the Christmas Train! This was completely unplanned, but I recommend it if you can catch on your way into the city.  The Christmas train is an old fashion train and the inside and outside are decorated for the holidays! Also on one of your stops Santa and an Angle board and had out candy to the children. If you are traveling with kids I highly recommend it! (And even if you aren’t traveling with kids I recommend it! It’s cool for the grown ups too!) They also serve hot beverages and treats int the first and last train cars. Once we were visiting the Christmas Markets we also stumbled upon a parade moving through the heart of the city! It was a very happy accident and a wonderful sight to see! Just another reason to do the research before you visit!

Pro-Tip:  Do your research in Google Chrome as it will translate German pages for you into your native language!