Last April,  I was surprised with a ticket to my first rock festival, Welcome to Rockville, and had an amazing time!! We saw Greta Van Fleet, Billy Idol, and the Foo Fighters! It’s truly a day that I will never forget and an experience unlike any other.  Every music festival is different, but here are a couple of tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way.

1. Clear Backpack/Backpack

Depending on the venue the festival is held at often determines what type of bag you are allowed to bring in. You should check before going or play it safe and bring a clear backpack, which most venues will let you bring in!  I recommend a backpack and not a small crossbody bag mostly because you can fit more in it and the weight is evenly distributed across your back which prevents pain on one side or the other.

2. Closed Water

Bring water!!!! I know it is heavy and annoying to carry, but you have that backpack now and your bag will get lighter as you drink more of them. (It may even help you stay hydrated because you want to get rid of the extra weight.) it’s always a good idea to check the event prior to going if closed Water containers are allowed. CLOSED by the way. That’s super important. Most places will not let you bring open anything in. It also may be a good idea to bring an empty water bottle because they do have filling stations and water is usually super expensive.

3. Blanket

Good idea to bring one unless you plan on standing all day or having a very dirty bum. The last festival I went to I didn’t even think to bring one and ended up buying one while we were there. ? This is a must have for me now because it saved my legs so much.  Plus it was super relaxing to just lay on in between performers.

3. Closed Sunblock

You don’t want to get burned!!! For real though, if you are out in the sun all day it’s probably a good idea to wear some sort of sunscreen. Being at a festival is all fun until you end up with sun poising because you didn’t put your sunblock on!

5. Ear Plugs

Even if you don’t end up using them still bring them just in case. I ended up standing next to a speaker at my first music festival not realizing it and I definitely can notice a difference between my right ear and my left. As in I can’t hear as well in the right ear. So just bring them because you never know where you are going to end up standing and it’s not worth damaging your ears!

I hope you all have fun at the next music festival you all attend! Let me know which ones you guys are thinking of going to in the comments section.