It’s finally the weekend and just as you think you can slow down you wake up Saturday morning to re-hydrate, only to see the list of errands you need to run hung up on your fridge.  And if that wasn’t bad enough you open your fridge only to find you’ve run out of food for breakfast. (Don’t worry you are not alone I have totally been there!) You know what today is… Errand Day, and you really don’t feel like fully getting dressed, so you manage to throw some leggings on, gym tank, and sneakers to give the I just left the gym/or I’m going to the gym vibe.  (Guess the secrets out, I have also done that too!) Still you need something to completely pull your look together, so here are my Top 3 Must have Accessories to do just that!

1. Small Crossbody Clutch

Right now my favorite small crossbody clutch is from Kate Spade. It is just big enough to hold the essentials that I need, but not too big that I will get annoyed carrying it around. Plus black matches everything!

Unfortunately, they don’t have the same bag online, but click  here to see another Kate Spade crossbody that is similar and super cute! 

2. Watch

To me a watch just pulls a look together, and gives a polished look!  It also keeps me on track during the day! Right now my go-to watch is my Apple Watch Series 2.  I LOVE my watch because, not only does it look good, it keeps me on track for my day with reminders, my calendar, text messages and more! If I forget to wear it, which is almost never my day doesn’t seem to run as smoothly.  My Apple Watch is my favorite, but if you don’t have one that’s okay too! Any watch can really pull a look together.

3. Earrings

A good way to frame your face is by wearing earrings! I prefer stud earrings because I sometimes get annoyed by the type that dangle.  What’s really awesome about earrings is that they make you look like you’re trying to put effort into your look even when you’re not.  Usually, I buy inexpensive earrings because I have a tendency to lose them, and they generally match everything! There are some super cute earrings I’m looking at buying by.