Good morning Sunshines!

I hope you are having a happy Sunday! This morning I rolled out my mat for some morning stretching. Last week I was so busy, and it felt like I would never be able to slow down. So this morning I made time to slow down a bit.

Even thought I did have these few minutes of calm relaxation time, after, once I’m back to reality I still feel like there so much I have to tackle and not enough time. Between work (my day job),writing on my blog, a project that I’m doing on the side, working on a certification, attempting to study for a test to get into grad school, and putting the finishing touches on our, on top of living my day to day life I think I may be getting a bit overwhelmed. (A bit may be an understatement.)

Whenever I feel this way, what gives me the best peace of mind is planning on how I’m going to tackle all of these things, create timelines, and reach my goals. And on that note, I’m going to go eat a yummy breakfast and get started on my day.

How do you guys tackle your list of To-dos when you feel overwhelmed? Comment below and Share your thoughts!!!