There’s so much I want to do and accomplish in my life. The days are zipping by, but still moving slow enough for me to think about the fact that I could be doing more for my future, still moving slow enough to remember that I want more for myself, slow enough to remind me to work harder, but not always slow enough to stop and remember to be thankful.

It feels like I’m always rushing around to get from point A to point B in my life, and forgetting to enjoy the journey, to be thankful for what I have, and forgetting to stop and be proud of myself for what I’ve accomplished.

I forgot to remind myself that most everything I’m surrounded by on a daily basis my apartment, my furniture,  my food, my dog are all things I earned and worked for mostly by myself. And I should take the time to be proud of it, appreciate it, and not be in such a hurry to be in the next step. To enjoy this phase of my life regardless of the challenges I may face because, as cheesy as it sounds, we only have one life to live.  So we better try to appreciate it every step of the way good or bad.

Gratitude for life was my inspiration for the July Yoga Challenges. The challenge forces me to slow down.  Even if it is just doing a guided meditation, stretching for 5 min, or doing a dynamic flow class.  Doing yoga forces me to be in the moment and appreciate what’s around me. It helps me slow down. Which is honestly still something I need to work on! So as my July Yoga Challenge Continues, I will make even more time in my day to have gratitude for the wonderful things in my life and I challenge you to do the same.


Dominique Altif