Packing… It’s one of my least favorite things to do mostly because it’s time consuming, all of your clothes need to be clean (I’m not the biggest fan of doing laundry), and forethought of what you will be wearing for the next 2-4 days in almost any situation is unavoidable. Also, you are bound to forget something if you have a tendency to procrastinate on packing like me.

Literally, before my flight to Vegas I had to turn around not 1 but 2 times. Once because I forgot if i shut the bathroom door (because I hide things in their from my adorable but destructive dog) and the second time because I forgot my ID! My ID. If not the single most important item to travel! (What was I thinking?) So to help spare you some heart ache and any major packing fopauxs below are top 5 short trip packing tips!

1. Identification!!!!

 I wish I could say this one is obvious, but clearly I almost forgot it myself. Seriously though, this is super important. You can’t check your bags let alone even get through security without it. So whether it is your driver’s license, passport, or whatever you have do NOT forget to bring it.

2. Your Phone

Again I know this one is obvious, but just check yourself before you leave. Right a sticky note on your door with Phone? on it. You will thank me when you are leaving the house in a hurry and your boarding pass is on your phone 🙂

3. Dark Wash Blue Jeans Jeggings

I know a rave about my American Eagle Dark Wash Blue Jeans/Jegging, but they are truly amazing and are my go to pants! Not only are they comfy and cute but they will literally match almost any blouse you pick. This comes in super handy if you have limited suitcase space, but want a variety of outfits. (Extra Bonus: It’s not as noticeable if you spill because they are dark wash)

For the rest of my Short Trip Packing Tips download my Travel Planning & Packing Tips Online E-Guide and and get 2 additional worksheets for planning your adventure with a worth of $5 for FREE!

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