Hey Babes,

So let me just say I had full intentions of starting my 25th year of life at full speed. Like crazy full speed. My body, on the other hand, had other plans in mind and I ended up with the flu, a sinus infection, and an ear infection all simultaneously. Might have been a hint to slow the heck down. Thankfully, now I’m flu free, but still dealing with some ear issues! But I’ll take it!

Regardless, my 25th birthday has been the best one yet! Or at least in a while. I feel like I know what I want and who I am now more than ever. Not only that I’m surrounded by wonderful people and friends who truly enrich my life. I have a new job that is stress-free, I’m making moves to be more financially stable, and I’m continuing to work on my own business. This year is going to be my year.

And to ensure this I made a list of Twenty Five Resolutions to Myself for turning 25 and I decided to share it with you all!

1. Live with an open heart (not be jaded by the world)

2. To Love – myself first and approach situations in a loving way

3. Trust-  Trust that the universe will provide. Trust that everything will be okay. Trust that everything is happening the way it’s meant to

4. Laugh – laugh a lot more and as often as possible

5. Have Fun – make anything fun!

6. No Bullshit – don’t put up with bullshit, don’t take bullshit, call it out

7. Be in the Present Moment

8. Have many new adventures.

9. Relax – don’t take things to seriously. Don’t feel guilty for downtime. Take time for myself

10. Spend more time with Charlie (my dog)

11. Follow my dreams passion. Never lose sight of it in the long run.

12. Read more

13. Find quiet time every day

14. Eat Healthier

15. Workout more

16. Cook just for me

17. Volunteer more

18. Do what makes me HAPPY regardless of what others may think

19. Explore as much of the world as possible. Including my own backyard.

20. Worry less

21. Feel things when I’m actually in the moment and not suppressing it. Feel it, and then move on.

22. Work on my shit (any issues I may have)

23. Downsize/minimalist the material items I have.  (Particularly too many clothes that don’t fit)

24. Work hard

25. Kick-Ass