It’s been raining for 3 days straight and almost every day last week. Taking Charlie out who refuses to do his business in the rain has been nothing short of difficult and leaves my clothes soaked from the torrential downpours. Not to mention this very wet dog loves to shake off before I can get a towel on him in the apartments. ? at least he’s entertaining and keeps me on my toes! As much as I love the rain and the life it gives, this girl is ready for some sunshine right about now! I’m crossing my fingers that the rest of this week and next weekend will be better because I will be going on Vacation! And I’m beyond excited to slow down, take a break, and soak in every moment.

But for now, I’m back at the grind working, doing household chores, and trying to become a better person every day. Today I drove back home from Orlando and spent a lot of time just thinking about what it is I wanted, why as humans we want to be wanted, why it hurts if we aren’t wanted, why do we even need to feel wanted at all. There is a difference between a want and a need. Do we NEED to feel wanted? Is this just the human condition needing to feel accepted and loved?

As I sit and write to you now, I think we often forget, myself included that we are accepted, we are loved, we are wanted, and we are enough because we have our own best friend, ourselves. If we accept, love, and truly believe we are enough then we are always wanted and that will attract the people meant to be in our lives. Of course, this is easier said than done and is not a linear progression at all. Some days you accept and love yourself more than others, but I think as long as you try to accept and love yourself and make the effort you are on the right track. You need to Want, Love, and Accept yourself and everything else will fall in to place. You are meant to be where you are right at this very moment.

So the rest of my day consisted of running errands, eating lunch, napping, doing an at home workout from YouTube which nearly killed me ?, wrestling Charlie out the door to use the bathroom, doing laundry, taking a shower and now writing to you lovelies from my sofa in a face mask with my Charlie bear! I hope you guys have a great night! For my Floridian friends stay dry! And I wish you a great start to your week! Let’s kick ass this Monday! ?