So I took the plunge for you! I tried out eyelash extensions and I’m here to let you know what my experience with them was like. I wanted to give you all a pro cons list, but there really is only one major pro and few cons.  Really it comes down to how much weight the Pro holds for you.


1. You wake up looking done up already.

This is convenient if you are on the go often. It’s great waking up in the morning and already looking like a million bucks!  It makes getting ready in the morning far easier.


1.  It takes time to get them done.

I mean a lot of time. Your first set takes up to two hours to glue on.  Don’t get me wrong naps are nice, but if you’re super busy it may be difficult to work it into your schedule.

2.  Getting them wet or being in salt water increases the chance of them falling out quicker.

I don’t know about you but I’m a Florida girl and a beach bum.  Not being able to swim often does put a damper on things.

3. When they fall out you notice.  

Other people may not notice but you for sure do and if you’re anything like me it may just drive you crazy.

4. Be Careful How You Sleep

Sleeping with eyelashes will change your life.  You don’t want to sleep on your stomach for fear of them falling out because of them getting smooshed. And sleeping on your side isn’t much better.  I sleep on my right side more often then my left and more of my eyelashes have fallen out of the right side. I feel uneven. :/

5. They can be pricy and you have to get them filled every 2 weeks.

So this is the main reason I’m not going to continue to get mine done.  As much as I love my eyelashes I’m not ready to commit the time and the money to it! If I had the funds I would make an attempt to keep it up, but I’m not sure I truly ever would be ready to make a 100% commitment to eyelash extensions

Check Out My Day 1 Picture and My 1 Week Picture (Keep in mind I might be a bit rougher with my eyelashes than most…)

Overall having eyelash extensions can be pretty darn awesome, but you do have to keep in mind the maintenance, the cost, and the time.  

If these are all commitments you’re willing to make then I’d say go for it!

If you live in the Tampa Bay area and are looking for a local place to get your eyelashes done I recommend going to the Lash Addict Studios.  There is one in Tampa as well as St. Petersburg.

Check them out here  or check out their work on Instagram here