Sipping coffee this morning from the living room of my studio apartment, and I can’t help but feel content. Gazing through the doorway into the bedroom I can see my fiancé still sound asleep and our dog, Charlie passed out next to him, and it makes me happy.  All I can think is how lucky am I to be in this moment. Sometimes I forget to appreciate what’s right in front of me.  Life get’s hectic, and its so easy to forget and take the little things for granted.

My dreams are coming to life right before my eyes.  I traveled, graduated college, started a blog, met the love of my life, have a steady job, and I’m currently working towards my other dreams too. Not to say my dreams didn’t take hard work  and there weren’t any bumps along the way, there were. But if I hadn’t experience the bumps and bruises, kissing frogs, being denied jobs I wouldn’t be were I am today because it helped me grow as a person.  It’s perspective. It’s appreciating the present moment because this to will pass. It’s not taking life for granted.

So I challenge you to take a moment to pause and really think about the amazing positive things in your life, and I promise you it will change your day.  And if you’d like, tell me the things you appreciate in your life in the comments section.