Fellow Travelers,

Growing up, I always have known that change wasn’t and still isn’t an easy thing. We’ve learned this from the time we were kids when our parents dropped us off for the first time at preschool or school. We all felt uncomfortable leaving our parents because of the change associated with it until we realized we would have fun and have a lot of new friends to hang out with. And throughout our entire lives, change is constantly happening, and it’s something that we would think we would in a way get used to, but we never truly do.

So coming over to Germany to stay with my boyfriend I knew wouldn’t be easy. Even though I had come over here once before. Hoping and trying to plan to stay for six months or more is a lot different than just staying for two. I had figured that this change, leaving my home, wouldn’t be easy because big changes never are, but I decided that I was up for the challenge

Living here in Hamburg, the two and a half weeks I have been here, has taken some adjusting on my part mostly because of the language barrier, regardless of the fact that I took a year of college level German. It’s one thing to be able to understand when people speak slowly to you, it’s another to be able to understand when people speak at the normal pace. I’ve also had to adjust to the different culture including the foods, customs, and way of life. The Anthropologist in me can’t wait to learn more about and be able to better understand the German culture and is having a wonderful time doing it.

Clearly these changes are exciting and amazing, but I would be completely lying to you if I said that it wasn’t terrifying if I told you I didn’t feel out of place or insecure. Because guess what? that’s what sometimes happens when you decided to live in a country that doesn’t speak your first language, but speaks your first language as their second. So many people put this image out that traveling is all fun, exciting, adventurous, breathtaking, and amazing and doesn’t get me wrong it is all of these things, but many people fail to mention the rough parts, the times that weren’t so easy, when they felt a bit out of place moving to a new place.

And honestly, I’m not going to do my best to not hide those parts from you. I’m not going to bullshit you and tell you that flying economy on an 8-hour flight is fun and fine if you pack the right carry on because that’s a complete load of crap. Flying economy isn’t bad, but it sure isn’t comfortable and I’m no amount of neck pillows, which are a pain in the ass to carry, will fix that. My point is when I write to you about my life, the changes going on, and my adventures and travels I’m going to do my best to be real with you. I’m also going to try to be better about posting more for y’all too! As always!