Hey guys! Happy November!!! I seriously can’t believe it is November already and there are only two months until the end of the year. Time seems to just be speeding by! Over here in Clearwater, Dennis, Charlie and I are enjoying the cooler weather and time spent together. Although this past couple of weeks or so Charlie has taken to barking at us in the middle of the night because we won’t let him on the bed.  Thankfully, this phase he’s going through almost seems like it’s over.  We’ll see! Hopefully he is good so he doesn’t end up on Santa’s naughty list!

As you know we are approaching the holidays with lots of delicious foods and yummy treats, and it makes it one of my favorite times of the year! Although as I eat more yummy goodies I feel the need to move around more so my body feels better after eating a truckload of peppermint bark! So this year I decided to start my November Workout Challenge! The goal of the challenge is to move or workout at least 3 days during the week. (Working out everyday seemed a bit much, and let’s be real we all have busy lives.) I started the challenge this morning at the gym with leg day, and I went with my other half who likes to challenge me in my workouts. I can already tell my legs are going to be super sore tomorrow.

So I challenge you to my November Workout Challenge! Want to be in the running to  win my Free Meal Prep Worksheet? Then follow me on Instagram, use the hashtag #NovemberWorkoutChallenge and tag @dominiquealtif on your photo. Good luck and have fun!!!!







*Please see your doctor before doing any exercising to make sure you are healthy enough for workout activities.