“How does it feel when you suck at it?” My yoga instructor asked the room full of “yogis.” She was having us stand on one leg and make horizontal figure eights and yeah my balance freaking sucked. She said “really think about how sucking at something makes you feel even outside of yoga.” And I thought well when I suck at stuff it doesn’t really make me feel exceptionally good. She then said to the whole class “just because you suck at something or are not good at something doesn’t mean YOU suck. ”

Wow. I smiled and laughed and thought yeah I guess I never really outwardly thought about it, but I knew she was right. and my perspective has been forever. I never thought about why sucking at something felt so… well let’s just call it what it is… shitty. No one, including myself, has made me think about why being bad at something, well sucked. 

But BAM! Right in the middle of a yoga class our yoga instructor pushed us towards a baby epiphany. 

Just because I’m not good at something or not the best doesn’t mean I suck especially not as a person. 

I think that’s something that we all forget.  I’m glad that I was in the room to be given that gentle reminder and also to be reminded to shift my perspective about myself when I feel that way.   And I invite you to do the same. 

When you suck at something it doesn’t me you suck. Change the way you look at being bad at something and try having fun instead. (I bet you will like it WAY more and will feel better about yourself.)