Spring Break is almost here and I know you all are super excited to head to the warm and sunny weather and layout on the beach!  My home state Florida is one of the top spots to spend Spring Break, and Clearwater, the city I live in, is known for having some of the best beaches! And as a Native Floridian, I know exactly what you need to be Spring Break ready!

1.The Perfect Swimsuit

My number one must have for Spring Break is the perfect Swimsuit! But finding the perfect swimsuit can be tough because of its often times difficult to find a swimsuit that is flattering, but also something that not everybody has.  The last thing you want is to match literally every other girl at the beach! Another concern I face when looking for a swimsuit is that almost nothing fits my bust and my ribs. Either I’m spilling out or the band is too big and neither one is good for anyone!

Thankfully, I found an online boutique that has everyone in mind, UK Swimwear!  I LOVE UK Swimwear for a plethora of reasons!  Their swimsuits are high quality, they are unique swimsuits so I’m not matching everyone, and they make sizes for real women!

They have bikinis, convertible, sport, plus size, shaping, mastectomy swimsuits and more! UK Swimwear has everyone in mind and is my go-to for all my swimwear needs.  My favorite bikini that I like to sport at the beach is the Gottex Blush Castaway Halter Neck Bikini.

2.Straw Beach Mat

A straw beach mat is a must when going to the beach! As a frequent beachgoer and native Floridian, I always bring my straw beach mat for a couple of reasons.  One, so that if the sand is wet your towel doesn’t get wet. Two, because it smooths out some of the awkward lumps in the sand that prevent you from laying flat. Three, because it is super easy to shake the sand off! And Four, so you can actually use your towel for drying off when getting out of the water!

Nothing is worse than having salt water in your eyes for the first time in months, looking for something to dry your eyes, only to pick up a sandy towel! Trust me don’t do that been there and have done that. (Learn from my mistakes.)  Don’t get me wrong a towel is a beach essential, but leave it for drying off instead of laying out.  If you are looking for a cute and affordable beach mat, check out the Rhode Island Novelty Beach Mat 33″ X 60″ here

3.Baby Sunscreen

Okay! So I know this sounds silly, but Baby Sunscreen is a must especially for your face! Too much sun can cause wrinkles and damage to your skin including skin cancer, so it’s best to protect it when hanging out at the beach.  I love Baby Sunscreen for my face is because it is gentler on your skin and often has fewer chemicals than the regular sunscreen.  Also, a lot of baby sunscreen is tear free! So no more worrying about sweat mixed with sunscreen dripping in your eyes burning your eyeballs out! You know what I’m talking about!  Even if you don’t sweat but glisten like me. (Just kidding I sweat! haha).



Recently, I’ve been reading up on Sunscreen and the best sunscreen you can buy and I came across Badger sunscreen.  The Badger baby sunscreen is all organic, biodegradable, has been featured on the TODAY show, and is recommended by the Environmental Working Group.   I personally haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but this is an item that I’m going to snag for my beach trips this summer to try it out! If you want to learn more about it you can check it out on Thrive Market here or on Amazon here.   And remember guys! Don’t forget to re-apply!