This wasn’t the first time I had traveled.  I had been abroad a few times with family, but this time I was about to embark on an adventure I could have never imagined.  I was going to fly across the big pond we call the Atlantic to a place where I could not understand a word of the language.  But I knew why my heart had taken me there.  I flew all the way to Hamburg, Germany from Sunshine State Florida for Dennis, my boyfriend, to meet his family.  I knew at some point in my adult life I would travel again, just not for this reason.

But life hits you and then you’re on the other side of the world learning about a culture so similar yet so different from your own.  The man I love opened my eyes to all of these experiences I could have never dreamed of. He shared his world with me.  Throughout our journey I’ve fallen even more in love, with not only him, but all the fun, calm, and crazy experiences we’ve shared traveling along the way.

First stop, Hamburg, Germany.