So now that I am preparing for our wedding in a year I have to be extra extra good to my skin.  Really you should be good to your skin all the time, but you can and will fall off the healthy skin ban wagon and forget to wash your face one night because well we’re human.   As I am preparing myself and my skin for my wedding day I started to be more consistent with my daily skin care!  Here is what I personally use along with some tips and tricks to help improve your skin!

       A.M. Routine:

  1. imageWash my face: Nothing wakes you up better in the morning than a good face wash! It also cleanses your face from all the sweat you’ve accumulated in your pores overnight because guess what? You sweat while you’re sleeping.  So washing your face in the morning is actually somewhat important.  Also, picking out the right face wash for your skin is important too! I personally use Clinique for combination skin.  I like the brand Clinique because it is unscented and is recommended for very sensitive skin like mine.  Honestly, as far as skin care goes I would always opt for unscented everything and fewer chemicals because let’s get real that can’t be good for you! That being said that is why Clinique is one of my top choices.
  2. They also come in travel sizes! This is what I have been using lately now that I'm traveling more.

    They also come in travel sizes! This is what I have been using lately now that I’m traveling more.

    Toner:  This helps even out your skin and take off excess dirt, sweat, or whatever else could be clogging up your pores.   I also use Clinique’s toner number 2.

  3. Lotion: Lotion! Lotion! Lotion! This is so important! Whether you are putting makeup on or not lotion is IMPORTANT!!!! Your skin can not heal if it is not hydrated. Plus if you are anything like me it will cause some spots on your face to peel, and that’s not the best look.  Also, If you are going to put makeup on it will make it easier because applying makeup is twice as difficult on dry skin.  (Also, if I’m wearing makeup that day I use primer on my skin)

       P.M. Routine:

  1. Makeup Remover: I like to use Take the Day Off by Clinique.  It does a really good job at taking the day’s makeup off.  Sometimes though depending on the type of makeup I’m wearing this alone won’t get all of the makeup off so I like to go back over it with a babyimage wipe because that usually gets the rest.  I also keep baby wipes on my nightstand for those nights that I’m too lazy to wash my face because it’s better to get some of the makeup off than to leave all of it on.  Plus they are cheaper than makeup remover wipes.
  2. Toner: You know why! And if you don’t look at the morning routine!
  3. Lotion: Okay, so at night I use a different lotion than during the day because it’s night time and my skin has an opportunity to heal while I sleep.  My skin is not perfect, and I do have a little bit scarring on my face from pesky past zits so I use La Mer cream to help get rid of those marks. Use it every night consist and you will really see results! And seriously this cream does wonders! It’s honestly magical, which is why it is unfortunately so expensive!  But if you are going to splurge on anything splurge on this!

This skin routine is not too difficult, which is important for me or else I wouldn’t do it, but it does make a difference in your skin that you can see.  I recommend it for all.  Links to these products are listed below. 


La Mer: