Holy cow guys! I can’t believe it’s already March and February is already gone!  Just to catch you up on my February.  I moved into a new apartment, finished my GRE Prep Course, had orientation at the local animal shelter, spent my Valentine’s Day doing a kick-ass restorative yoga class, went to Supercross Tampa, and was part of a National Sales Meeting for the company I work for.  February felt like I was moving a million miles an hour, which looking back may have been slightly self-inflicted. Between my day job, scrambling to create killer content for you all, moving, volunteering, studying, and still having a social life I struggle to continue to remind myself that it’s okay to take a break.

I don’t know about you, but for me whenever I take a break and give myself time to just chill I feel guilty for it  Like there’s always something more that I could be doing to better or the best at everything.  As messed up as this logic is I feel like if I take a break than I must not want to reach my goals and dreams.  Honestly never taking a break isn’t great either and easy to get burnt out.   It’s good to be busy, but at the same time, I have to remind myself of my limitations and how much I can actually fit into a day.

For me, it’s difficult not to be totally annoyed with myself when I can’t accomplish literally everything I want to in a day even when I filled my day with crazy amounts of work with the unrealistic expectation that it’s all going to get done. For example,  I’m probably not going to end up at the gym every day after work.  I will be exhausted and not have time for other things I’d like to get done.  I have to remind myself that 3 days a week isn’t settling. It’s literally all that is humanly possible for me with the schedule and activities that I have. Learning to accept this fact without beating myself up for not reaching this unrealistic goal is something I’m currently working on.

So this March I’d like to slow down more, and not beat myself up for not being perfect.  Because perfection is literally impossible. IMPOSSIBLE.  Slowing down may be a bit more challenging this March because this month I have a family reunion, the St. Petersburg Grand Prix, and a business trip to Las Vegas and then before you know it, Easter will be here April 1st!  I will literally have to intentionally force myself to slow down and take a break when I have a chance.  Do you guys have to force yourself to slow down too? Are you always running at full speed until you hit a wall? How do you slow down?  Let me know in the comments section.


Dominique Altif

P.S. Let’s kick ass and still take time for ourselves this month. 🙂