If the drive up, passing the lochs between the mountains, hadn’t been pretty enough, our dear friends, Sandy and Shirley were about to show us a view even more spectacular.   Dennis and I were in Killin, Scotland to watch Sandy and Shirley’s son, Euan, do the motorbike trials, which happened to come IMG_0220along with incredible views.  This was mostly due to the fact that Euan would be riding up waterfalls and mountains. When we finally reached the top of one of the many mountains in Killin, Scotland, the view weakened me at the knees, and was one of the most breath taking and incredible things I have experienced.   As we looked out it seemed as if the world was beneath our feet. Near by mountains were still white capped with snow, even though it was the middle of June, and as far as the eye could see was green vegetation and trees resting, peacefully upon the mountains.  It almost made me forget about he whipping wind and the ever-present chill in the air. IMG_0217Standing up there made all of my worries and troubles seem so small looking out over such an incredible world. I couldn’t have felt luckier to be there on that mountain with the best company, my friends I’d known my entire life, as well as my partner standing with me hand in hand.

As we waited for their son Euan to get to that particular section of the trials course we huddled together to stay warm.  And at one point it was so cold I couldn’t feel my fingers. Off in the distance motorbikes could be heard, and eventually, the four of us hiked down the mountain to get a better view of Euan when he would ride his bike up the side of the trickling falls. Neither hiking down or up was easy, but it was definitely worth it. Finally, Euan got to our section and with his years of practice, he effortlessly, rode up the rocks of the falls. All that was left to do was to meet him back at the top. This was the part that had worried me the most. Not the walking down the mountain, but the going back up. The walk up looked a bit steeper than the walk down, but thankfully Dennis, the gentlemen that he is, offer to carry me while he scaled the mountain. And honestly, how could I tell him no?