Last Monday I went to my first hot yoga class in almost 2 years, and it was an eye-opening experience for me. It forced me to take the time to listen to my body.

As many of you may know I’ve been practicing yoga for some time now, but with my hectic schedule I haven’t been able to do it as regularly as possible. The majority of my day is at my desk, which hasn’t helped my already troublesome back.

While in Monday’s class I couldn’t help but feel like for the first time my body was limiting me. I’ve never truly been physically unable to do something, but basic thing were proving to be painful and difficult for me. Which is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. And it was beyond frustrating! Some of the asanas that I could easily do before I can barely do the modified version of now.

Thankfully I was taking a class from an amazing yoga instructor, and family friend, at Inverted Elephant in Titusville, Florida. My instructor reminded me to not push myself to hard, provided modifications of poses, and motivated me throughout the class. I really needed the motivation the way my body was feeling. It was asking me to listen to it, and practice more yoga to heal myself.

So this July I’m starting my own personal yoga challenge to practice some form of yoga everyday starting July 3rd. Whether it’s yin yoga, stretching at my desk, or completing a vinyasa flow class I’ll update you all as much as possible on my progress, and how I’m feeling.

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