Hey guys,

I hope you all had a safe, enjoyable, and happy 4th of July!  The 4th of July is a special day for me not just because it’s Independence day, but also because it is one of my best friend’s Birthday!  Even though she lives thousands of miles a way I was celebrating with her in spirit.

On my 4th of July evening I was supposed to go out with Ariana, another one of my best friends, to watch Fireworks, but currently I’m writing this newsletter to you in my pajamas with a full face of makeup because Charlie is afraid of Fireworks!  So I stayed home with him and suited my pup up in his Thundershirt.   I digress

This July I really would like to focus on being healthy.  No not getting skinnier or more fit for the beach, but healthier. I want to be healthier, and feel less achy.  So this month will be the start of my journey to make healthier lifestyle choices, not a diet, because I’d like it to stick.



(Our 4th of July in)

I will also be sharing my experience throughout the month on why I decided to make healthier choices, and do more yoga!

Until then, I hope you all have a fabulous rest of the week!



Charlie Jackson Updates

He also, was able to visit Kayak by Bo’s Miss Marley Grace over the long weekend and was able to spend some quality time together! He can’t wait to see her again soon!


To follow Charlie’s adventures click the link below.

Charlie graduated Beginner Training last May! Yay Charlie! He started his Intermediate Training in June, and has been doing pretty well.  He’s not a huge fan of stay, but he’s getting there.

So as previously mentioned Charlie has a bit of anxiety, so I’ve tried a combination of things to help reduce his stress.  One of the things that helps his anxiety is the Thundershirt. In case you may not know what exactly is a Thundeshirt, it is a shirt for Dogs that wraps around them in a certain way to trigger pressure points that help ease their anxiety. I usually put one on Charlie when I leave for work to help ease his anxiety, and during times when he possibly can be stressed (from fireworks).