Hey guys,

I hope you guys are having a fantastic New Years Eve and are excited to bring in the New Year.  2017 has been a unique year in America and in my life as well!  Bringing in the New Year right isn’t just about the fabulous party you go to, or how much fun you have with your friends. (Although those are great too!) For me How to Bring in the New Year for a Fantastic 2018 is more than that! It’s about where I see myself.  Reflecting on the good and the bad.  Letting go of shit that doesn’t serve me and that I don’t want in my life.  Making short-term and long-term goals that are not impossible to reach.  I started this new tradition in my life last year and it really has made some amazing positive changes in my life and want to share it with you to help you bring in the New Year right and manifest your hopes and dreams in life!


Reflecting can be quite difficult.  Most people have trouble just sitting with themselves, their thoughts.  I use to struggle often sitting with myself and my thoughts because part of me was always afraid of what I might find.  I might see things in myself that I may not like because reflecting doesn’t just show you the good, but also the things you aren’t always so proud of.  But here’s the thing.  If we don’t reflect we can’t improve because we would have no idea of what to improve on.  For example, this year while reflecting on 2017, I realized that I was letting a lot of things that were out of my control affect me. (Even though I’d like to say it didn’t it did.). I was letting it influence my mood and make me upset when there was really nothing I could do.  It wasn’t in my control.  I wouldn’t have realized this if I hadn’t sat with myself and reflected and really took a look at myself in 2017.

Set Goals

I know in many cultures is it is tradition to set goals for the new year.  In the U.S. we set New Years Resolutions. In my family before the clock stuck midnight we all shared our new years resolutions with our family and friends. Personally, as a child I didn’t really like sharing my resolutions with everyone because what if I failed? There’s a long running joke in America that most new years resolutions would fail not eve half way through the year.  So the question that plagued my thoughts were “What if I failed.” So what? Really though. So what if I failed I learned something in my failure that brought me to the place I am now that taught me a valuable lesson.  So try an remember this if you aren’t successful at your new years resolutions and try not to beat yourself up!

A good way to set new years resolutions that you will have less of a chance at failing at is by setting reasonable short-term and long-term goals. (Yes I said REASONABLE people.  Don’t set yourself up for failure at the jump!) If you set reasonable goals you are less likely to be disappointed.  That doesn’t mean do not dream big! It means the exact opposite.  Dream big. Dream HUGE. But as you dream HUGE set manageable short-term and longterm goals to help you get to your dream, and even if you fail take it as a lesson. Pick yourself back up, and try again.

(Also, it doesn’t hurt to give yourself little rewards when you reach the goals you’ve set!)

For me one of my goals is to let shit go.  Like seriously, let it go, and not hold on to it and let it bother me.  Whether it’s an argument with family, friends, or if it’s work just to let it go because at the end of the day holding on to it hurts me more than anyone else.  This year I’m going to try to feel how crappy whatever it is at the moment and then move on and let it go. (Yes, I know I won’t be successful at this one every time, but changing my mindset I feel will improve my life dramatically.)

So before you bring in 2018 reflect on your 2017, and set reasonable goals!  Before you know it 2019 will be coming along! So enjoy this New Year Celebration with friends and family! I truly do appreciate each and every one of you who’s been reading my blog.  You all inspire me to keep it up and I can’t wait to share some of the awesome surprises I have for y’all  in 2018! And I wish you all a Happy New Year!


Dominique Altif