Liter Biers, Jager shots that literally come with a spank, and delicious German food, Hofbrauhaus in St.Pete, FL  is sure to be a good time especially after the sun goes down.  At the end of  last year, a friend of mine (we’ll call her A) and I went to the Haubrauhaus for a couple of drinks.  As some of you may know, I’ve been to Germany on a couple of occasions, but I’ve never been to the Hofbrauhaus before. (Hofbrauhaus has multiple locations such as Vegas, St. Pete, Hamburg, and the original in Munich.) Of course, I’ve heard stories from friends of liter beers, amazing food, and traditional Bavarian attire, but I had never seen it in person. After that night I was so thrilled that I had tried it out. So I’ve decided to share with you guys my top 3 reasons to visit Hofbrauhaus in St. Petersburg, FL.

1. The Drinks! 

As we were being sat by the hostess I couldn’t help but see the GIANT beer mugs in passing. And I couldn’t resist, I wanted the full experience, so of course, I ordered the liter beer, which I could barely even pick up with one hand.  A good friend of mine who joined me wasn’t expecting any of this so naturally, she was very surprised to see a beer that big.  And to be honest I was pretty surprised as well. But what I found to be the most surprising was when neighboring tables began taking Jager shots.

2.  Atmosphere

Now keep in mind, by the time we had arrived the majority of the patrons in Hofbrauhaus were more than a couple drinks in, and many began taking shots. One of the guy at the table next to us ordered a Jager shot, and next thing you know his friend has a paddle in his hand and is spanking him (rather hard I might add.)  At first, I assumed that it was just a random one-time occurrence, but nope it definitely was not! As the night went on more patrons were taking Jager shots and getting spanked by friends. (Just as a note the spanking isn’t a German tradition, it’s one that was created by Americans at Hofbrauhaus in the Vegas location.)  Needless to say, the atmosphere is lively, fun and definitely great for people watching.

3. The Food

While we were there we ate pretzels with beer cheese but the menu had a plethora of some of my favorite food choices such as Shnitel, currywurst, and much more! Most likely I will be going sometime soon we will be going for dinner. I’ll let you know what I think of the food more when I go back.  If you click here you can check out the menu.

Overall, if you are looking for a fun night full go good food, great drinks, and an amazing atmosphere with friends Hofbrauhaus in St. Pete, FL is the place to go.