My time in Hamburg has given me the opportunity to explore the city and find some of its hidden treasures. During my explorations, I happened to stumble upon a charming bookstore, Felix Jud & Co. imageNaturally, I was ecstatic So, as some of you may know I’m a book freak! I love to read and there is absolutely nothing better than having a good hardcover or paperback book in your hands. Unfortunately, many bookstores are dying out due to the E-reader movement.

Fortunately, Hamburg still has this amazing bookstore, Felix Jud & Co. on Neuer Wall. One of the most special things about this bookstore is that it isn’t just any ordinary bookstore. Not only do they sell books specifically for your reading pleasure, but they also sell many unique books including first editions and antiques. (By the way, the first editions and antiques are just breathtaking in person.) Even if you aren’t looking for first editions or antique books Felix Jud & Co. has something for everyone. From book collectors and everyday readers alike you will find something that will spark your interest. They even have a children section. If this bookstore wasn’t already amazing for all of the books it houses the architecture inside and outside the building is to die for too. When you walk in you almost instantly feel as if you stepped into a magical place with so much history hidden inside of each book. This is a hidden treasure in Hamburg you do not want to miss.


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