Hey guys,

Right now I’m sitting on my balcony surrounded by two dogs and newly potted plants, that I hopefully will remember to water, writing to you.  These past couple of months have been hectic,  crazy and absolutely amazing all at the same time.  As you may have guessed it, work has been hectic, but due to business trips, have lead me to meet some pretty amazing people.  Some of which have really impacted my life for the better.  Within the past two months, I have traveled to Las Vegas for a week for work, went to Orlando for a week for work, and have ended up attending a rock festival!  And at the end of this May, I’ll be taking a staycation!!!

There are so many changes happening this year and amazing things that I am working on for you guys! I can’t wait to share it with you all! Stay tuned for a big announcement coming up at the end of this month!  In the meantime, I’ll be posting shortly My Top 5 Favorite Places to Eat in Las Vegas, Nevada, 5 Essentials to Bring to a Rock Music Festival, and more!  If there’s anything specific you all want to know about or me to write about leave a note in the comments section!