I was anxious to explore Hamburg and see what this magnificent city had to offer, so Dennis and I took a trip into the city! When we finally got off the train, or as many Americans would refer to it as the subway or metro, we ascended the stairs out of the tunnel. With my hand in his, as we reached the top it opened up to one of the most picturesque places I’d ever seen.

Germany had been doing that a lot lately, sharing with me some of its beauty.  Hamburg looked as if it had come right out of a post card.(Side note: They do have post cards with the heart of the city on it.) The wind was blowing cool and the sun was just peeking through the clouds as I stepped into the center of the city square, and was in awe of the beautiful architecture.  It was unlike anything I had seen in America. To my right was the Rathaus, the town hall, and it was a magnificent piece of art. The roof is what I assume to be copper because it had oxidized into bright turquoise blue.  The outside stones were ornamented with the greatest detail. I stood there and took it all in.  It was my first time seeing the heart of Dennis’ beautiful city, and I felt so lucky to be able to explore and wander with him because I got a better glimpse into his life and his world.


Then, we went inside the Rathaus and I couldn’t help but think that the inside was just as beautiful as the out, with even more detailed work.


(Above is inside the Rathaus and on the right is the lion inside the Rathaus)

After we walked around the square in front of the Rathaus and took lots of pictures, we wandered around the city a bit. Sure enough, not even a block away was a Starbucks! I know it’s so basic, but I love me some coffee. Plus, it was a good opportunity for me to test my German skills out, which were severely lacking. Just so you know, even though I managed to butcher the language, the Starbucks guy was nice and ended up speaking to me in English. I guess he recognized my American accent.  Oh, and not going to lie this Starbucks was one of the prettiest I’d ever seen. I guess every old building in Germany is pretty. Okay enough of my rant about Starbucks.  While drinking coffee, or Kaffee as they say, we walked down to Lake Alster that let out to the river Elbe. The lake is divided by the Lombardbruecke and the Kennedybruecke into the Innenalster and the Aussenalster.  It was beautiful to see this huge lake in the middle of a city.  Dennis and I thought about taking a boat tour, or renting a boat to paddle, but it was predicted to rain that day.

Even though we ended up having luck and the weather was beautiful, it was still very cold.  We decided to spend the rest of the day walking around, stopping at different treasures the city had to offer, including a great number of bridges.  (Side note: Hamburg is a city with A LOT of bridges. It is one of the cities with the highest number of bridges in the world.)


Dennis and I standing on a bridge with the city and the lake in the background!

And on some of the bridges we had the most picturesque views of the city. The whole day I felt like I was in a fairy tale because I was in such a beautiful place with the man that I love.  It made me understand why he loves his country so much, and why he misses home when he’s in America.  I too ended up missing Hamburg.  The city’s charm captures you and it truly never lets you go.



Next Stop- Planten und Blumen and my first German Beer! (Which by the way turned out to be great.)