I’m so thankful that I started off my trip to NYC with my first stop being at Great Jones Spa.  The stress of trying to navigate my way from Newark airport to Manhattan with no prior research done and an almost dead cell phone was real.  So by the time I managed to figure out the subway (kind of) and ending up taking an Uber to my cousins work and shortly after getting into another uber to get the spa… I was stressed, to say the least.  Thankfully, I was at the right place to unwind, Great Jones Spa.

As soon as I entered I was greeted by friendly faces and checked in.  Because I was running late (no surprise after the trek from Newark airport) they directed me to the women’s locker room which had robes and slippers in individual lockers ready to be used. The locker rooms had a luxurious feel and everyone was friendly.  After I changed I was ready for my massage.

The Massage

Honestly, this was probably one of the best massages I’ve ever had. I came in super stressed and hyped up and left relaxed with some of the larger knots worked out of my shoulders. It was 100% worth every penny.

Water Lounge

After or before you get your massage you can enjoy their Water Lounge featuring a 3 story waterful, jacuzzi, cold plunge pool, chakra-light steam room, or river rock sauna.  You can also get a pass to enjoy the Water Lounge for a couple of hours as well if you aren’t up for a massage.

Overall, Great Jones Spa is a YES in my book and next time I’m back in NYC I am for sure booking another massage. It was the perfect way to start off my healing yoga weekend!

To find out more information about Great Jones Spa check them out here!