This weeks edition of Friday’s favorites of the week is a bit of a mixed bag! Check out my favorite place to eat, song, and overall favorite this week! 

Favorite Place: Tijuana Flats

Where? FL, GA, SC, NC, IN


As some of you may know I use to work at a T-flats while I was in college! While I was there I made some amazing friends that I will never forget! Besides being a restaurant that holds amazing memories for me, I’m obsessed with their food! I honestly think I could probably eat it every day and never get tired of it!

Literally, everything on the menus is delicious, and they just added Street Tacos to the menu! Not only does this establishment have tasty food, but they do a lot of charity work as well.  How can you not love a place with beyond amazing food that does care about the community?

Favorite Song: Sorry I’m Not Sorry by Demi Lovato

Where? Everywhere, On your Radio, Spotify, you name it!


I love this song because it’s a feel good, kick ass, girl power kind of song.  It gets me moving in the morning, and inspires me to kick ass at work! Demi Lovato is a great vocalist, but she is also an inspiration to all the young women out there.  She seems to be authentically and unapologetically herself and doesn’t pretend to be perfect.  She shares with her fan’s the good along with the bad, and I find that commendable.  Her songs are also so much fun to jam out too! Thanks Demi for making great music and being you!

Overall Favorite: Hanging Out with One of My Besties, Rebecca

Where: My Place


Well because she is one of my closest, dearest, and oldest friends.   She just came back from a 6 month-long teaching job in China, so it was amazing to catch up with her.  I’ve known Becca since I was 12, and no matter how long it’s been since we’ve seen one another it’s like no time has passed at all.  To me, that’s how a true friendship should be! 

Recently, though I found out we won’t be having so much time pass between when we see each other again because she literally moved down the road from me.  (That was totally not planned, but I’m beyond ecstatic about it.) Love you, Becca!