So you want to plan an AMAZING vacation and NEVER planned one before? When I was in college, and even before then, I had always wanted to travel and see places I couldn’t even begin to imagine. I wanted to see the pyramids, to travel across Europe, and visit all 50 states. But I found myself wondering, “Where do I start?” It’s not like there’s a class in school to teach you how to plan an AWESOME vacation.  No one had ever taught me how to book a flight or a hotel room before.  There wasn’t a list of somewhere of steps I should take when planning a trip.  In fact when planning my first trip I actually booked the wrong ticket home from NYC! Which is not a mistake you want to make when you class the next day and attendance counts towards your grade.


If you are like most of us, there isn’t always someone there to teach you these things.  Your parents teach us, for the most part, how to survive, but I doubt many were concerned whether or not you could book a flight to Dubai! (I know my mom would keep me as close to home as she possibly could.)  That’s why I decided to start the First Time Traveler’s Guide Series and E-book to help guide you along the way to teach you some of the things I wish someone would have taught me when planning a trip! Throughout this series I’ll tell you my tips and tricks, as well as mistakes I made while traveling and share with you some funny and not so funny stories from my adventures. To pre-order the with First Time Travelers Guide  E-book and get 10% off on your pre-order click HERE!


So where to start? Well first let’s find out what type of vacationer you are! To get started take my Quiz below to help you find what’s your vacation style or at least give you an idea of what kind of vacation works best for you!

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