So…. Happy February everyone! It’s pretty crazy that January is over.  I feel like it happened in a blink of an eye, a snap of the fingers, a flick of the wrist with a wizard wand… Okay so you get my point!

I hope your year has started off AMAZING and it’s everything you could’ve ever asked for.  And if your year already has brought you challenges I want you to know you aren’t alone. These challenges will teach you so much and help you grow as a person.  I know it doesn’t feel that way in the moment, but one day you will look back and be grateful for what the experience has taught you.

For me the beginning of 2019 started a bit on the rockier side of things. I was fighting minor pneumonia, trying to pack and move, and was being thrown curve balls left and right and at the time it didn’t feel much like a cake walk.

I’m so thankful and grateful for all of the things that felt like and some still feel like difficult challenges or obstacles because it has reinforced what I already knew while expanding or growing upon it as well as it has taught me new things.  Here are a few of the life lessons that I learned/ or were reinforced upon in January.

Expectations – Lead to disappointment. Walking into a situation with no expectations leaves room for infinite possibilities you may not have ever thought of.

Someone’s bad attitude has nothing to do with you. – Someone being a real a hole to you? 9 out of 10 times it isn’t you! Unfortunately, people have other shit going on that has nothing to do with you, but causes them to act crappy towards others.  No, it’s not right for people to act this way. But that doesn’t mean you should be an a hole back. Try to find it in your heart to approach the person with love and kindness even if they don’t deserve it. You shouldn’t change who you are as a person just because someone else acts poorly.

Boundaries are more than acceptable– YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO SET BOUNDARIES WITH ANYONE AND EVERYONE.  And you are allowed to cut those people out who are no longer good for you or are true to you.

Life doesn’t ever go according to plan – I thought at 25 I’d be married by now. Jokes on me hahaha but for real. I thought I had my whole life planned out. Heck I thought I’d be working for myself by now.  I had all of these expectations. When I didn’t meet what I had expected for myself I felt disappointment, guilty, and over all beat myself up. And to add insult to injury, put more pressure on myself.  So again drop expectations. Life doesn’t go the way you plan it. It most likely never will, but that can be one of the most beautiful parts of life. You never know what amazing,breathtaking, beautiful things will happen to you in this life.

Your Happiness is up to you – This one I already knew, but the universe has a way of reminding you of just what you need time and time again.  Your happiness begins and ends with you! Happiness is your attitude. It’s your choice. It’s a decision. You decide what kind of day you are having.  You decide to be happy. You decide how you let external situations and people affect you. This can be sometimes difficult to remember when facing shitty circumstances but your happiness is determined by you.  Your capacity for happiness, especially long term happiness, is within you and no one else.

I hope these few things that I mentioned will help you or trigger something in you to make you rethink or re-evaluate the way you see the world. Or serves as a good reminder to you.  As always, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.