This weeks favorites of the week are a bit different than how I usually do them. This week they are about some of the things my soul loves.   So sit back, relax, and enjoy as I tell you a couple of my favorites that feed my soul. 

1. Lazy Sundays

Where? At home


Nothing’s better than a lazy Sunday relaxing in your pajamas with the people you love most, or even just taking some time for yourself.  Sundays are my time to get myself physically and mentally ready for the rest of the week. I like to start my Sundays off nice and slow by waking up late, making myself a delicious breakfast. (Or letting Dennis make me chocolate chip pancakes and bacon. Thanks honey!)  After my tummy is full and happy I plan out my day.  In planning my Sunday I leave time for planning out the rest of my week.  I’ve found that planning out my week helps make my week days a bit less stressful.  And by less stressful I mean not having to think about what for dinner throughout the week, to working out and stretching, to meditating.  Which brings me to my next favorite of the week…


2. Meal PrepIMG_5603

Where? My favorite place for pjs (home)


My next favorite, and most recent thing I’ve been trying out, is meal prep for the week. This past week was my first time trying it out & so far I’m loving it.  Meal prep allows me to nourish my body with healthy foods that give me more energy during the day, as well as saves me time throughout the week.   I was thinking it would take me forever to prep, but in reality (depending on what your making) it doesn’t take that long.  This week I made cornbread cheese muffins for breakfast, and a variety of different, yummy dinners that I literally just have to defrost. All of the meat is prepped, marinated, and all of the vegetables are chopped up! With everything ready to go, prepping my meals for the week has made my week days much easier.  Let me know if you want to see a post on how I do my meal preps!

3. Journaling

Where? You’ve guessed it! Home (but you really can do it anywhere)


Not just Sundays, but everyday I like to journal to get out all of my feelings, hopes, and dreams.  For some reason they feel so much more real once they are written down.  I even like to set goals for the things I want to accomplish during the week, long term and short term.  When my goals are written down I’m way more likely to accomplish them.  Journaling also is a great way to get out my feelings instead of keeping them bottled up.  It’s helps me let go of my troubles, and helps to manifest what I want most in my life.

4. Yoga

Where? Anywhere


Yoga kitty


Yoga reminds me to breath.  It reminds me to laugh, move, stretch, let go, and be still.  Yoga is my favorite
way to workout because it’s not just great for your body, but because it’s great for your mind, heart, and soul. It helps bring me in the present moment, and it forces me to listen to my body and the way I am feeling.  Yoga helps me realize that whatever moment I’m in I need to surrender to it, and let go.  But yoga doesn’t always have to be serious.  Hell, there have been plenty of times I’ve gone to yoga and have ended up laughing my butt off. Yoga is not just about the workout, but about being in the present moment.  That is just one of the many reasons why yoga is one of my favorites of the week, and will continue to be my favorite.