Inside of Space Burger

Last week Den and I went to Düsseldorf for one of his golf tournaments and while we were there I got to explore a bit of the city and eat some of the most delicious food!  Here are my favorites in Düsseldorf!

Place: Düsselfdorf, Germany

Why? The food!!!! The city totally won me over with all the yummy restaurants and bars that were around! (Casita Mexicana and Space Burger were my favorites) Food is the true way to my heart! We also happened to be in the downtown area during the Euro Cup Semi-Final and the energy was amazing!  They also have super cute bunny rabbits all over the parks!  It was a cuteness overload!


On our way to Casita Mexicana

Restaurant: Casita Mexicana

Why? Okay, honestly this is the best Mexican food I have had in a long time in American and in Germany. The food was beyond good!  Their food was packed with flavor, and if you wanted to make it spicier they have an amazing homemade hot sauce you can add.  I ordered the tacos and the quesadilla while Dennis always ordered the burrito.  We both love our food and during our short stay in Düsselfdorf, we went back twice.  I highly recommend it!!!!

Where?  Düsseldorf, Germany (They have multiple locations around the city)

Hotel: Novum Hotel Excelsior Düsseldorf

Why? This hotel exceeded our expectations! Our room was beautiful and extremely clean.  It was bigger than we had thought it would be and had an updated and pretty large bathroom. They also leave free Capri Sun’s by the bed as well as chocolate, which of course Dennis and I thought was amazing. (We both love candy and Capri sun. I don’t think we will ever grow out of it.)  This hotel was also awesome because we got short notice, like the day of, and for a great price compared to other hotels nearby. 

Where? Düsseldorf, Germany