This weeks favorites are on my list because the fuel and nourish my body or my mind in a positive way. My top 3 favorites of the week are Farmers Markets, Sun basket, and the “From the Heart” Podcast.

1. Farmers Market:

Where? Downtown St. Pete, Florida

Why? The farmers market is one of my favorites of the week because nothing tastes better than fresh, in season food from local
farmers. Farmers Markets also give me the opportunity to get outside in the fresh air, enjoy the atmosphere, and support the local vendors. I just love the hustle and bustle of the market and  Charlie, my dog,  seemed to like it too. (Or maybe it was all the extra attention he was getting from strangers.) The Saturday farmers market in Downtown St. Pete is one of my favorites and if you’d like to know more click here.  If you aren’t a local to the Tampa Bay area and would like to find a farmers market near you be sure to click here.

2. Sun basket:

What? Organic, Non-GMO Delicious, and Fresh Food sent to your door! Sun basket let’s you choose the delicious meals you’d like for the week and sends the food, and recipe, with instructions, straight to your door step.  

Why? I love Sun basket not only for the convenience and fresh the food is, but for the creative and delicious recipes you get each week! It’s also great for people like me, who often get super busy and don’t always make the time to plan out each dinner. For more about Sun basket and the chance to get 3 free meals click here. I’ll also be doing a post reviewing one of the meals I made as well as the process, so stay tuned!  

3.”From the heart,” Podcast:

What? Podcast by Rachel Brathen a.k.a Yoga Girl

Why? I love this podcast because it’s so honest and heart felt. Each week Rachel tells a story and covers a wide range of topics, from her birthing story to manifesting abundance in life.  She also invites special guests to her show. Brathen is inspiring to listen to because she is so relatable, fun, and reminds me to stay open minded.  Honestly, it is the number one things I look forward to listening to at the end of the week! Her podcasts come out on Fridays, so be sure to check them out at this link here

So there you have it! My favorites of the week. 🙂