I can’t believe we are already in September! Crazy! I know I say it every month, but it just amazes me how quickly time flies and how so much can change from one month to the next or even one day to the next.  Life is truly full of surprises!

This month for me has been one of the busiest and craziest months I’ve taken on in a long time! So many projects going on at once, so many things I want to do without enough hours in the day.  Many late nights, but damn am I thankful.  I have so much gratitude in my heart for the extraordinary and wonderful opportunities I’ve been given even when it does ramp up my business to a solid 10.  I’m just one step closer to reaching my goals and following my dreams.

When life gets busy and chaotic don’t forget to take a moment to remember all of the things you are grateful for and I promise you it will change your perspective, attitude, and life.



Sometimes Happiness is a Feeling… Sometimes it’s a Decision.