Hey Friends,

I hope that you all are having the best lazy Sunday ever and you are enjoying October! It’s finally starting to feel like a Florida Fall. (It’s in the mid-80s. Hurray!) The past two weeks have been insane for me and I’m trying to play catch up! I recently closed a chapter in my life and opened to a new one.  A lot of late nights now, but I’m working hard to make my dreams becoming a reality! I’ve learned you can’t manifest your dreams without taking action. Believing in yourself and actually following through is the key in reaching your goals. It’s also just as important to remember who you are and what you believe.  As you grow your opinions and who you are may change, but being yourself is beyond super important!

In case no one has told you this week,  you are special, beautiful, smart, kind, funny, and best of all uniquely you!  Bringing out your unique and amazing self is a journey that we are all on together. Be proud of what makes you who you are and what makes you different.  

This month I have some exciting news to share (hopefully the last week of October), some fun posts about my most recent trip to Maine and how uniquely beautiful the experience was as well as finding your own style, and more. I’m also thinking about doing an Instagram Q&A. What are your thoughts?


Dominique Altif