Stepdad and I

The Daytona International Speedway tunnel opens up as my stepdad and I  finally make our way into the infield after an almost 4 hour drive. We park and pass tailgaters having BBQs and playing corn hole on our way to the ticket booth.
As we approach, the excitement and energy in the air is palpable as fans prepare for the Supercross Races later.

You can hear the bike engines as the riders take practice laps, surveying the track, getting ready for the qualifying races. Fans chat while drinking a cold brew speculating as to what the outcomes of the races may be. Once the riders finish their practice run, fans line up in “the pits” to wait to possibly get an autograph and the oppertunity to meet or possibly get a glimpse at their favorite rider. As the dawn comes, finally it’s time for the qualifying runs for the 250SX and 450cc. 

We all wait at the edge of our seats for the 250SX finals. In the last lap it’s clear to see Adam Cianciarulo will take home first. During the short break between events I chat with a friend who I literally haven’t seen since the last Daytona Supercross race, and it was great catching up! 

Finally, it’s the last race the 450cc Jeremey Martin started off in the lead followed Eli Tomac who was one of the riders favored to win.  After 12 laps in Tomac passes Martin for the lead, leaving all other riders in his dust as he continue to creating a large lead gap. Last lap to go and Tomac takes it home for the win and the fans go wild!!!

After, all that can be heard are the sounds of fans rushing out of their seats to their cars in attempt to beat the traffic (my stepdad and I included) as we all race to our cars it appears as if no one was able to beat the traffic.  As we sit in the truck, still stuck in the event traffic, I can’t help but think of what an amazing time

I had! Can’t wait to do this again next year!