Everyday we make a choice. You choose what to wear, what you will eat for breakfast, and what you will do during the day. 

You choose. 

You choose how you want to live your life. Whether it’s choosing to appreciate the present moments or not. 

You choose. 

You choose love. You choose to love your partner day after day, as the sparks fade and they, as well as you, change and grow.  You make a conscious choice to love them through it all. 

You choose. 

You choose how you want your day to end up, positive or negative. Yes, a lot of things can go “wrong” during the day, but we decide how we are going to react to these obstacles. It is our choice. 

We choose.

Yes, it’s okay to have feelings, to feel frustrated, to get mad. But we choose whether or not it will effect the rest of our day, week, month, and life. 

We choose. 

Lately, I personally feel I have let smaller obstacles, as well as bigger obstacles, effect my day, week, month, or life more than I would like them to. And sometimes I have to remind myself that I have a choice, even when it feels like  I don’t. 

I choose. 

When things seem to be out of my control; I still choose how it will effect my present moment and my future. It’s not always easy, but sometimes I have to step back and remind myself that I have a choice. 

We all have a choice of what we want our day to turn out to be, the people we want to be, and what we make of our lives. 

So even when the going gets tough, even when it’s difficult to remember, happiness in your life is not dictated by anyone else or anything else. It is your choice. How you feel is your choice. 

I choose,

You choose,

We all choose. 

Choose to make the most of every moment we’ve got.  Because life is too short to unconsciously choose anything else. 

How do you remember to make the most of every moment, and deal with life’s obstacles?