Charles Jackson is my almost year old, lab hound mix that I rescued from the local Humane Society. The volunteers at the humane society told me he came from an overflow shelter in NC and had just arrived a couple of days ago.  All they knew about him was that he may have been a stray, wasn’t an aggressive dog, but was protective of his food.  I couldn’t blame Charlie for being protective of his food. He was mostly skin and bones, and the shelter was feeding him three times a day to try to put some weight on him.

When I  did the first meet and greet at the shelter Charlie was shy, but friendly, and seemed to have the sweetest disposition. I couldn’t imagine leaving the shelter without him. So I just had to bring him home!   That day, April 1st, 2017 we adopted, Charles Jackson, a 44lbs, underweight, parasites-ridden puppy who was afraid to even go to the park.  When he was adopted him it was a struggle to get him into the car because he was so afraid.

One week after we adopted Charlie!

The day we adopted Charlie

But with a lot of love, care, food and vet visits I nursed our little, well big, Charlie back to health.  After a couple of weeks, he learned to trust me and came out of his shell, along with eating my shoes, the blinds, and more along the way!  As he started to become less shy with me, we decided to enroll him in dog training courses because I wanted him to be a well-rounded pup who has been socialized with other dogs and people.  He did way better than I had originally expected in training and passed the beginners course with flying colors!  As time went on I came to realize Charlie was not a shy dog, and fit right in with the family.

This past Saturday Charles Jackson officially graduated Intermediate Dog Training!!!! I’m so proud of him because he has come so far.  Although I’m not going to lie, I was a bit nervous he wouldn’t graduate because his puppy ADD was in full force.  In case you’ve never gone to a Petsmart Training Class, the dogs at the very end of the training course have to pass a test in order to graduate.  One of the obedience training items they tested on was a 3-minute sit/down stay by the front door at Petsmart.  This command usually works with Charlie, but not with the number of distractions around!   Thankfully, he pulled through!

Charlie also won the obedience challenge for his class! The challenge who could stay in a heel while the pet parent kicked a paper ball around a course (without the dog picking it up the ball) the fastest.  And much to my surprise Charlie and I won!

Overall, my experience with our Petsmart dog trainer has been absolutely wonderful.  She’s incredibly patient and knowledgeable. We enjoy the classes so much, and love how much Charlie is improving that we are going to enroll in the advanced training classes!

I’ll keep you guys updated on how Charlie does in the Advanced Class, and to follow more of Charlie’s day to day adventures you can following him on Instagram @CharlieJacksonthHound

Charlie’s Graduation Photos!

Charlie’s June Beginner Graduation!

Charlie’s July Intermediate Graduation!

Charlie’s Certificates!

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