Do you remember what it was like when you first learned how to ride a bike? Scared to take the training wheels off, but when you did you felt like you were just flying. Well, I got to relive and test my bike riding skills my first day in Hamburg, Germany.

After the long 8-hour journey, on our Lufthansa flight, which was probably the nicest international flight I’ve ever been on, we had a lay over in Frankfurt and finally we arrived in Hamburg. Traveling for 9 and half hours should be exhausting, yet I wasn’t tired at all. I felt a sense of energy and I couldn’t wait to see what Germany had to offer. There were so many people I would met on this trip that are apart of my other half’s life, Dennis, I couldn’t help but feel nervous and excited when we arrived.  I mean, everyone wants to make a good first impression with their boyfriend’s friends and family, but not many have this cultural difference and somewhat of a language barrier to work with.   But I’m glad I went because I got to meet complete strangers that will end up being life long friends, and I just adore his family.

At the airport waiting for our arrival was his mom, which I was super nervous about because I’d never met her before, and we waited on one of his friends. (We needed two cars to bring all of our stuff home. Mostly because I packed way too much.)   Wracked with nerves I step outside for pick up where we were awaited with warm open arms, to my delight.

Once we arrived at Dennis’s parent’s home we unpacked. Dennis wanted to show me so much, but he didn’t know where to start so he decided to show me a trail that he went running on near his house. I thought “yeah that would be a nice walk”, Dennis thought we should go for a run. Well if you know me and for those of you who don’t, know that I’m not in good enough shape to be running, IMG_9639 (1)cardio is not my thing. So then he came up with the bright idea of putting me on a bike. Now, to Dennis riding a bike around was no big deal it was something he has always done. But for me riding a bike happened only on rare occasions, and the seat was usually low enough so that my feet could touch the ground flat. As you will soon learn throughout my writing that I am very clumsy and with that I know my limitations. But Dennis can be very convincing at times and finally I agreed to go on this ride. He goes into the shed and pulls out a bike that is way to big for me, his sister’s bike, she is beautiful and tall, but I am way too short for it. Then he pulls out his moms bike, it seemed a bit smaller so I try it out. My toes, even with the seat all the way down, barley touched the ground. And honestly all I could think was “Shit, I am so screwed.” I couldn’t even remember the last time I rode a bike, but Dennis wanted to show me his world so of course I agreed to go and see the trails he liked to run on. I like to call these trails the people trails, and I’ll probably refer to them as that throughout the blog.


(*People trails are usually near neighborhoods. People walk through these wooded trails and end up in different but useful places near by. For example my favorite exit for the people trail was the mall, which was very useful for my two-month stay. On this trail you can ride your bikes, or even walk your dogs. In general they are beautiful to walk through and sometimes you may even see a castle! I’ll post some pictures for you guys!)                                           That is the castle —————–>

Anyway, so he starts his run and I start my bike ride, where I almost fall off multiple times. He laughed at my poor bike riding skills, although honestly I couldn’t blame him I would too. In my defense, Poppenbüttel is hilly compared to super flat Florida. Although, the natives will inform you that these aren’t “really” hills. I personally can’t agree because I almost busted my ass multiple times attempting to ride down them, and I’m pretty sure the breaks on that bike really hated me by the end of my trip. Even though I had to ride down the steep hills it was so worth it for what would come next.  As I biked down to the people trail we saw the most beautiful field of yellow flowers unlike anything I have ever seen in my entire life. And at that moment I was so grateful and happy for what I was witnessing, with my best friend, the true beauty that earth holds.

IMG_9632I stood there for a while to take it all in. Eventually, I turned to Dennis and asked him what kind of flowers they were. Naturally, he answered in German, Raps Blumen, and I naturally had no clue what that meant so later on I looked it up.(Raps Blumen ended up being Rapeseed, and they use this flower to make canola oil! Who knew? I sure didn’t) I could not believe how beautiful this field of flowers was and that it was just on the outskirts of the city. So many hidden treasures this place had to offer.

Do you remember what it was like when you first learn to ride a bike and you finally got it? You were just so happy that you felt like you were soaring. That’s what seeing these flowers with my best friend was like, riding a bike for the first time. As for my bike riding skills… they were still lacking.

Next Stop- The City