Clearwater Beach has been voted yet again Trip Advisors #1 Beach in America! And as a local, I’m here to give you the inside scoop on where the locals hang out, my insider tips, and the coolest places to hang out!

The Food

As many who have visited Clearwater know there are loads of places to get good food. But who really wants just good food? As a local and a foodie, I will let you in on a few of my favorites….

1.  Cooters Restaurant & Bar

Our first stop is at Cooters Restaurant & Bar! Cooters has a lively family-friendly atmosphere with cozy indoor/outdoor seating! Located just off the beaten path, Cooters, offers delicious specials, amazing food, and wonderful customer service!   My personal favorite is the All-You-Can-Eat Crab Legs every Monday and Tuesday and their delicious signature drinks. Did I mention you get a take-home souvenir cup with each signature drink? And if you are lucky enough to visit Florida in October during Snow Crab Season, attending Cooter’s Crab Fest is a must! Because as the locals say it’s the Best Party in Town! For more information check them out here!

2. Pearly’s Beach Eats

So I’ll let you in one of my guilty pleasures…. I LOVE coming here during lunch for their delicious tacos! I won’t lie I’m a taco snob, but these are literally to die for! You walk right up, place your order, and you can eat it out on the deck.  Legit this place is good! I personally, take my tacos to go during the work week and walk down to Clearwater Beach to enjoy the view, but if you have more time, order a beer and enjoy the atmosphere. I promise you won’t be disappointed. For more information check them out here!

3. Marina Cantina

All I can say is YUM! This is one of my favorite brunch spots on Saturday and Sundays.  They have bottomless mimosas, margaritas, and bloody marys for $13 and trust me it’s worth it.  All of their drinks are made with fresh juice so they are super delicious! And the food! Don’t get me started! It’s ridiculously tasty. When you call to make brunch reservations be sure to request seating outside with a view because the view of the marina is gorgeous and Spring Break is the time to enjoy the gorgeous Florida weather.  For more info check them out here


So I’ll tell you now… driving over to Clearwater Beach during spring break is a b*tch.  Legit the traffic is bad and no one knows how to use the roundabout to get to the beach. If you are a local you know what I’m talking about… And parking is ridiculous. Don’t even bother.  So there are a couple of options to help ease the headache of making it to the most relaxing place so here are my tips!

1. Jolley Trolly

So we have something called the Jolly Trolly which will take you over from Clearwater over to Clearwater beach.  The Trolly also has a few other stops, but if your main objective is to get to Clearwater Beach this is an option.  This will help with the parking, but you still may end up stuck in traffic. Either way, check it out! It might just help with the parking nightmare! For more information check them out here!

2. Clearwater Ferry

This is a great option for beautiful sunny days.  It takes you from downtown Clearwater on a ferry across to the Clearwater beach marina.  From there it’s a quick walk down to the beach. The Clearwater Ferry offers other stops along Clearwater beach and will even take you to Dunedin! Just keep in mind if it’s thunderstorms in the afternoon, which Florida is known for in the summer, the Ferry will stop running due to safety concerns.  Also, be sure to get there early as the Ferry fills up quick! Check them out here!

3. Florida Free Rides

If you are staying on Clearwater Beach or just want a ride up and down the beach then call Florida Free Rides and they will pick you up and take you up and down the beach for FREE.  Be sure to tip your drivers and keep in mind it gets extra busy during Spring Break and Summer so there is a chance of a longer wait. If you want more info check them out here!

4. Walking

If you want an awesome free, semi-quick way of getting around you can walk.  Walk from downtown Clearwater across the bridge to the beach. It’s good exercise, it’s free, and there are no traffic jams.  Just food for thought!

And there you have it! Now you know some of my insider tips for visiting the Best Beach in America!

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