As I lay outside feeling the warm sun on my skin I ponder about the world.  I daydream of the beach.  It’s the first day in a while that it has been sunny and warm here in Hamburg.  Lately, the weather has been a lot like Florida’s winters; hot one minute and then cold the next.  Honestly, I’m not sure which weather I like best.  When it is warm most places do not have air conditioning unlike Florida so it can get sort of sticky and sweaty. Although on the plus side I get to break out my bikini and if I’m lucky, go to the beach. 

A couple weeks ago I was fortunate enough to visit a beach in Germany for the first time! This amazing couple who have turned out to be the greatest of friends took me to the Baltic Sea.  I really never would have ever dreamed of having the opportunity to visit  there.  I had only read about it in school textbooks.  This trip and the sea was much better and more educational than any textbook could have ever described.  Pictures truly do not do it justice.

It was around an hour and a half drive from Hamburg, which is not too far, and I was excited to see what the beach would be like.  It ended up being so similar, yet so different from my own (Florida’s Beaches).The beach at the Baltic Sea had sand dunes that we had to walk over to get to the water much like Playalinda beach in Titusville, Florida.  After our climb over the sand dunes, I saw the most beautifully clear and calm water.  Sand went down to the waters edge where it was met by smooth stones and then more sand.

As beautiful as the water looked I was apprehensive about going in.  In Florida there is so much stuff in the water that can hurt you, jellyfish, sharks, crabs you can’t see, I was nervous that this could be the case in the Baltic Sea.  Luckily, my wonderful friend Saskia who had grown up near this beach assured me it was okay, and walked in the water with me.  I walked into the cool water and felt the soft sand between my toes.  It was heavenly until I saw a jellyfish where I proceeded to freak out a bit… well maybe more than just a bit.

Thankfully, this jellyfish was actually harmless.  Saskia taught me that unless the jellyfish are red, fire jellyfish, then they will not sting you, and most of the time the jellyfish are not red.  In fact, I did not see a single red jellyfish during my day there.  Saskia actually held the jellyfish in the water so I could pet it, and of course, I did not get stung. Crisis averted. 

After the nice dip in the water, we lay on the beach the rest of the day.  I felt so content and relaxed aIMG_1035 feeling that I had not felt in a long time.  For me, the beach felt like home.  So much stuff had been going on and still has been going on.  Challenges that pop up on the daily being in a foreign place, so many new life lessons have had to be learned including that not everyone is going to like you and be supportive of you. But at the end of the day as long as you have good friends, and amazing family, and a supportive partner life’s challenges become a little easier.  The great people you have around you teach you to appreciate the wonderful things you already have in your life.  And sometimes all you need is a trip to the beach to reset your mind and rejuvenate your soul.