There are many spots in Edinburgh that are amazing to visit! From old to new places everywhere you turn there is something interesting to see. Luckily, I had local guides, my friends, to take me around the city! Not all of my must-sees are top landmarks mostly because when you go to visit a famous city everyone goes there and misses some of the hidden treasures. So here are some of my 7 must see places in Edinburgh!

1. Holyrood Palace

Holyrood Palace

Holyrood Palace


The palace is a must visit destination. This is where the Queen and the Royals stay

when they make a visit to Scotland. The palace looks as if it has come right out of a fairy tale, and it will make you wish you were a Royal. (I hear Prince Harry is single, girls!) Anyway, If you are anything like my family any place the Royals go is a must visit place, and it also helps that the palace is breath taking and beautiful.



2. Edinburgh CastleEdinburgh Castle

Scotland is known for their castles, and one that is a must see is the Edinburgh Castle. This castle has been around since the 1300s, which is older than almost every place in America. Not only can you see and learn about the amazing history of the castle, but you can also check out the royal family jewels. Some of the jewels include the Scottish Crown and the Scepter.   Also, while you visit you can watch a cannon be launched from the castle! All in all this is a must see! For more information on the castle and the days they are open check out this link.


3. The DomeChandelier at the Dome

The Dome, a restaurant on George Street, is a stunning place to eat or enjoy drink a with friends.   Side note: The drinks are amazing, and if you are not a big Scotch person, I’m not, definitely try their long island ice tea. If you visit around the holidays they decorate for Christmas with an incredibly large and beautifully decorated tree inside along with festive light all around. If you aren’t there in the winter it is still just as beautiful, and cold, in the summer, and is a must see spot!


4. Bibi’s Bakery

After a long day of walking around Edinburgh Dennis and I were craving something sweet. Luckily, we happened to find Bibi’s Bakery on Hanover Street for some super yummy cupcakes. And boy, am I glad we stopped in.  They had chocolate orange cupcakes and after eight cupcakes as well as many others. (Chocolate Orange and After Eights are candies from the UK. The Chocolate Orange tastes exactly how it sounds and the After Eights are minty and chocolaty) Both cupcakes were to die for, and Bibi’s is a place I will be going back to next time I’m there!

5. The Bridges

Another must see are the Forth Bridge and the Forth Road Bridge over the Forth River in Scotland! Both are spectacular to see and are truly worth the trip to see! And if you want to get a bite to eat while visiting these two masterpieces you can eat at The Hawes Inn.   The food is great, and you can get a view of the lovely bridges.


6. Shopping on Princess Street!

Okay, I can’t lie I love to shop, well in this instance I mostly window shopped, but if you want to shop in Edinburgh Princess street is the place to go! This street is filled with lots of cool stores including some that we don’t have in the U.S. And just off Princess street there are tons of side streets with just as amazing stores that you should check out! Another great thing about shopping in Edinburgh is that there are a lot of bookstores. Bookstores seem to be dying off in America, which is unfortunate if you are like me and like to have a real book instead of digital ones. Luckily, bookstores in Edinburgh are not hard to find.

7. Greyfriar Bobby

The story of Greyfriar Bobby is one of a love between man, Mr. Grey, and his dog, Bobby.   When the man died his dog slept on his grave for 14 years until the dog himself passed away. To remember the story and the dogs love there is a statue of the dog out in front of the Pub, Greyfriar Bobby!   When you visit you can rub the dogs nose for good luck and check out the pub for a drink after!

Greyfriars BobbyGreyfriars Bobby pub

To the left we are with the statue of Bobby and to the right we are in front of the Pub!