You’re getting ready to travel, whether it is for vacation or for work, and of course, you want to look fabulous when you arrive at your destination.So many of us are trying to achieve the fresh face celeb look, but it seems almost impossible after an 8-hour flight.  So what’s the celeb secret?

Well… they ride first class, have time to plan their outfit, (or don’t even pick it out themselves or pack their own bags) and they have an entire team helping them to look their best.  That’s the celeb secret! But if you are an everyday person like myself here are my 5 Travel Fashion Tips that will help you stay stylish and comfortable with little to no effort!


1. All About the Pants!

Jeans…well jeggings are my top pick for long and short flights.  They keep you looking fashionable while still being comfortable. Jeggings are my choice for travel because I feel like I’m wearing my pajamas while not actually wearing pajama pants.  (And they don’t often upgrade people who wear pajamas to the airport) Jeggings, also, keep you warm when the plane reaches high altitudes. Overall, jeggings are my go to because not only do they look fashionable, they keep me warm, and are super comfy.  My favorite long flight pant are my dark wash jeggings from American Eagle .


2.   Comfortable Shoes

I usually go for my black Nike Frees  because they are comfortable, stylish, and match just about anything.  Just don’t forget to wear socks with them.  They are crazy important on a long flight because more than likely you are going to want to take your shoes off, and I don’t really recommend walking around on the plane barefoot.


3. A Top That Fits You! .albumtemp

A top that fits your personality is best, but a top that also fits your body is important too.  Clothes that are too big will look sloppy, but you also don’t want to look like we’re going to the club when we’re going to the airport.  My go-to travel top varies depending on the day, but some of my favorites are my red Ralph Lauren v-neck, my black Perfect-fit T-shirt from J-Crew  or my stretchy grey long sleeve from Abercrombie & Fitch.


4.  Burr…. It’s Getting Cold Out! 

One of the most important items to wear that’ll keep you looking stylish and put together is a jacket. (Trust me, nobody looks cute freezing their buns off.)  I personally bring a jacket even when I’m not going to a cold place.  On my way back to Florida from Hamburg, I brought a jacket because I knew I’d be freezing on the plane.   My recommendation is to bring one that is small enough to fit inside of your carry on bag. What I wore on my trip back from Hamburg was my leather jacket from Mango that Den got for me.  (Thank you Den xoxo)


5image.   Stunning, but Low Maintenancee Hair and Makeup!

Having fabulous hair and makeup will make you feel 100% better and more stylish! Just be cautious when putting on makeup because the high altitude will dry your skin out! Be sure to chek out my Beauty Travel Tips to learn more about how to do your hair and makeup for a long day of travel!


These are just some of the fashion tips I’ve picked up along the way! Be sure to comment and leave your fashion travel tips too!


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