Hey guys,

I wanted to share with you my 5 Fashion Obsessions right now! I’m all for a mixture of affordable and higher end pieces if the expensive pieces are good quality.  As always there are many fashion trends going on, but there are a few I’m obsessed with right now that are timeless. So here are my trendy and timeless staple pieces that I’m obsessed with right now. 

  1. Jean Jacket

This is a must-have staple of any closet!! And looks amazing with dresses, black jeans, white jeans, pants, leggings, and more. BUT you do have to be careful with a jeans jacket. There is something as too much Denim. I mean look at Brittany and Justin in the 90s.  Not a good look. So keep this in mind when adding a jeans jacket to the look. I personally upgraded my jeans jacket with a new one that I got on Sale at Target and I am obsessed with it. Check out their variety of jeans jackets here.

2. Lululemon Leggings- Speed Up Tight Full-On Luxtreme 28″

Okay so these leggings are a bit pricey, but I feel they are sooo worth it for many reasons! To start they aren’t see threw.  Crazy that has to be a qualification, but girls you know what I’m talking about. You find a cute pair of leggings and then walk out in the sun and bam! They are see threw. I also love them because they have pockets!!! Not going to lie pockets on anything that don’t usually have pockets are a HUGE win for me!  These leggings also have a fabulous fit and really suck and hug all the right places. This is a staple for my wardrobe and is worth the price tag of $108. You can check them out here.

3. Basic Tee

For those of you who know me know that I am obsessed with a plain black tee or really any plain basic tee.  I’m mostly obsessed with black tees because they are slimming and also because I’m clumsy and spill on myself and they don’t show stains. 😛 I also love them because they are timeless, classic, and you can dress them up or down.  Right now I’m obsessed with this tye dye tee I got from American Eagle. Check it out here.

4.  Oversized Cardigan

Okay so I know it’s summer, but I don’t care what season it is an oversized cardigan is a must! In Florida, some nights can be a bit chilly in the summer and in the daytime you most likely will catch a chill.  I know some of you are wondering how that is possible, but imagine you are outside sweating your buns off at sweltering 95 degrees. Then you walk into a super cool air-conditioned building kept in the high 60s early 70s.  Your sweat combined with the cool air is sure to give you a chill. (Especially in restaurants. That’s why our moms say bring a sweater.) 

What I love about oversized cardigans is that they go with every outfit. A dress? Yep it works.  Shorts? Surprisingly yes. Pants? Yep. Leggings? Yep? I think you get the picture. The difficult part is finding them in the summer! So I suggest stocking up when they go on sale in the spring or searching online. I suggest checking out Showpo here. I love their grey cardigan with the oversized pockets.

5. Kimono

I saved the best for last because Uhhhhh I just LOVE Kimonos!!! So cute!!! So Fashionable.  Kimonos instantly dress up any outfit, including your basic leggings outfit. The best part is they are super affordable.  I got mine at target here for only $27.98 and just so you know they are on SALE right now!!!