This is for all of my ladies there who are single on Valentines day! I know it’s really easy to feel a bit down on a holidays made for couples, but remember love isn’t just about how you feel about another person.  You should also love yourself!  Which is something we too often forget to do! So show yourself some love this Valentine’s day with my single girl’s guide to Valentine’s Day.


  1. Yoga Class

In the spirit of loving and taking care of yourself I highly recommend taking a yoga class on Valentines Day! Yoga brings you back to yourself in a physical and spiritual way by bringing you into the present moment and focusing on you!  It’s not about being good at it or nailing that pose, but about you and your own journey.  Show yourself some love by showing up for yourself and going to a yoga class to deepen the connection you have with yourself.


  1.  Spa Time

If you are like me and can’t afford an expensive spa day treat yourself at home with a candle lit bubble bath and soothing music just for you.  Take the time to relax, and after indulge with a fabulous face mask and moisturizing socks.  Pamper and treat yourself this Valentines Day! You deserve it!


  1. Journaling & Tea (or a bottle of wine) 

This one’s important not just on Valentines Day, but everyday because journaling helps to express how you feel.  Personally, I try to journal every day, but let’s be real life happens and I don’t always get to it!   For me journaling is a good way to vent about my day or work through anything that comes up in my life, good or bad. So this Valentines Day I decided to switch up my journaling a bit and I recommend you do the same! Write a list of all the reasons you love yourself and what you are grateful for.  Sometimes we need a gentle reminder that we rock! And guess what guys? You do Rock! `


  1. Binge watch Netflix

This one I do almost every night… Right now I’m super addicted to Grace and Frankie! (Thank you Jessica for recommending it,)  If you don’t binge watch Netflix already or even if you do enjoy a night in cuddled up in your favorite pjs and watch a show that makes you laugh out loud to end a spectacular night of pampering and loving yourself!